PAX final deadline to apply for the Spring-23 cohort is Dec 15

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Open Letter about New Selection Criteria

PAX has excellent news to share with our community: Starting in Spring 2023, PAX is expanding the selection criteria for our leading B2B accelerator program to include pre-revenue companies!

What actually happens after you get accepted into Pax Momentum?

Well first thing, you get funded. PAX wires the money before the program starts, not at the end. This means that from the very beginning, PAX becomes your partner as we are literally invested in your success.

The Valuation Dilemma

Before a raise, many entrepreneurs grapple with the question of where to set the valuation of their company. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with raising at a high valuation; therefore it is important to weigh the short term and long term implications of where you set your next valuation.

Fall 2022 Cohort Announcement

Pax Momentum is excited to announce the members of its Fall-22 cohort! After a rigorous selection process, these companies have impressed the PAX team and angels with their readiness to innovate and grow. PAX is extremely optimistic about the prospects of these companies and has doubled its investment amount from $50k to $100k in cash per startup.

Welcome Spring-22 Cohort!

Pax Momentum is thrilled to announce our Spring-22 Cohort! Through a fiercely competitive selection process these companies have shown their readiness for intense growth. PAX focuses on a unique niche of companies that are ready to turn their founder-driven sales success into a scalable and repeatable process.

One Big Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Telling Their Story

Lights! Camera! Action! What can Hollywood teach entrepreneurs about deeply engaging our customers?

The Best CEOs are the Best Salespeople

To achieve success, a CEO must be excellent at selling to three groups: potential customers, potential employees, and potential investors.

Finding Success as a ClimateTech Founder

Following the boom-and-bust “Cleantech 1.0” period, investing in sustainable companies was thought to be too risky. However, the looming threat of climate change has become increasingly clear and investors have become convinced that now is the time for the ClimateTech revolution.

The Sales Interview: Push/Pull

Hiring the right salespeople is one of the most important (and most difficult) challenges you will face in scaling up your revenue.

The Real Reason B2B Startups Fail

And What Founders Can Do About It