Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does PAX invest?

A. PAX invests $100k cash and $25k in-kind in each company.

Q. What does the $25k in-kind investment cover?

A. The in-kind investment covers the costs of the program and the perks that PAX provides. These perks include, but are not limited to, Pitchbook, Savvi, and Carta.

Q. What are the terms of PAX's investments?

A. We do not take a set amount of equity in each company. PAX invests on your current raise and follows the terms set by other investors.

Q. What investment vehicle does PAX use?

A. PAX will invest in your open round using whatever vehicle your current raise is on. PAX prefers to invest on KISS notes, but this is not a requirement.

Q. What does the schedule of the program look like?

A. The program runs for 8 weeks, with a one week break in the middle. During the program, we have virtual sessions from 5-7pm each night for six of the weeks. For the 4th and 8th weeks, we have summits with a special schedule built around special guest speakers.

Q. When does the program run?

A. PAX runs two cohorts each year. The Spring cohort begins in March and the Fall cohort begins in August.

Q. Can I bring other team members to the sessions with me? 

A. Yes. Our program is founder-focused, but we encourage founders to bring senior team members focused on sales and marketing to sessions with them. 

Q. What is the application process?

A. Begin by submitting the application found on our apply page. The PAX team will review each application and sift the most promising start-ups through a series of screening rounds until 20 applicants are left. These applicants will pitch to the PAX angels.

Q. What will I need to have ready for these rounds?

A. If you pass the initial screening round, you will be required to submit your pitchdeck to the PAX team. If you are selected, you will eventually pitch to the PAX team and provide them with your data room and financial statements.

Q. What stage companies are you looking for?

A. PAX is looking for pre-seed or seed companies, who have a product they are ready to sell or are developing a product and are beginning to strategize their go-to-market efforts.

Q. What industries does PAX invest in?

A. PAX is industry agnostic and has invested in verticals ranging from Edtech to Fintech. Even so, PAX has one area of focus: Climatetech. PAX reserves two to three spots in each cohort for companies that are focused on sustainability. 

Q. What is PAX Plexus?

A. Pax Plexus is a network that connects our cohorts and alumni to follow-on investors. It has an in-program component and a graduate component. During the program, founders do a series of fast-paced one-on-one quick meetings with VCs. After the program, alumni are added to a system that facilitates ongoing double opt-in intros to investors.

Still have questions?

Feel free to shoot us an email. We will get back to you within 2-3 business days.