About the PAX Program

I founded PAX to help founders like you systemize their sales process so they can build bigger and better companies. Too often, I see founders fall apart in a critical stage: the transition from the CEO working every customer contract to the company actually having a scalable process for closing deals without direct founder involvement. PAX can help you avoid that fate and build a stronger company.
- PAX Founder Matt Hanson

What we teach

Our program is designed to help you become an effective leader in all aspects of sales and go-to-market strategy. 

Tailored to the needs of each cohort, the curriculum will cover a variety of topics, but some of the most common modules are listed below:

  • Building an Effective Sales Script
  • How to Find, Select, and Interview Salespeople
  • Pricing Strategy: Methods and Metrics
  • Channel Selling: Expand Your Reach
  • Lead Generation: Content Creation and Targeting
  • Digital Marketing: Tactics and Tools
  • Public Relations: Amplify Your Voice
  • Objection Handling: Uncovering and Overcoming

How we teach it

Our program is designed to teach you the most critical skills for sales growth. Our sessions are interactive and involved because doing is the best way to learn. 

You will be writing scripts, calculating metrics, and practicing skills – all of which are immediately applicable to your company operations.

  • Evening sessions 3x per week from 5-7 EST
  • 8-week virtual program  (includes a week off in the middle)
  • Small group work with other founders
  • One-on-one office hours
  • Specialized sessions with PAX Angels

Pax Momentum:
The Founder Friendly Accelerator

PAX is determined to work with the best founders, so we make sure our investment terms and program make sense for founders working to rapidly scale.

PAX invests based on terms set by other investors, and does NOT take a set amount of equity

The PAX program is virtual and takes place in the evenings, allowing you to keep up with your busy schedule

PAX works individually with each founder to solve the unique problems they are facing and help facilitate growth

Raising Money

We know that raising money is always at the top of your mind. Our Pax Plexus system helps founders connect with our network of VCs and angel investors, which includes one-on-one speed meets and continuing introductions after graduation.

The Demo Day at the end of the PAX program is another great opportunity for founders to connect with founders and raise money. 

    Climatetech Focus

Pax Momentum is committed to working with companies dedicated to solving some of the world's most pressing problems. Climate change is at the top of that list, and Pax believes that technology has a significant role to play in shifting human behavior so that we can live sustainably. That's why we're reserving three spots in each cohort for companies that are focused on climate change solutions.

Through our sales focused training program, combined with the climate and regulatory experience of our Angel network, Pax Momentum can make a difference in the trajectory of your climatetech startup.

Pax Momentum has helped over 40 founders scale, and we can do the same for you.

Check out the PAX Portfolio
"PAX was pivotal in our journey. They invested in our pre-seed round and we participated in their B2B sales accelerator. The programming was top-notch and helped us transition from founder-led sales. Beyond that, they got us in front of top-tier investors including one that ended up leading our seed round. I can't say enough good things about the program and the team."

Sherrod Davis

EcoMap COO

“At first, I was only interested in PAX for the investment. However, after I began the program I found myself moving meetings around to ensure I wouldn’t miss a session! The curriculum has been incredibly valuable for refining our go-to-market strategy as we scale.” 

Nassim Abdi

Storybolt CEO

Thank you for all that you and the team are pouring into us!  I absolutely love the sales focus and all of the great resources that you are putting in our hands. I can tell you without blowing smoke, that not only are we internalizing the curriculum, we are working hard to build the sales tools and implement the methodology that we have been learning about.  This is really good stuff!”

Todd Gentry

HyperBorean CEO

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